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Submissive Phone Sex

We all love sluts that adhere to our every sexual need, however Submissive phone sex bitches take it that one step further and will do ANYTHING to please you. Their need to please has required them to join the fantastically acclaimed submissive phone sex line, a place where only the most subservient of sluts will venture. You’ve seen the other kinky phone sex lines, you may have even tried them, however nothing and I mean nothing compares to the girls we feature on this sadistically almost inhumane submissive phone sex line. All you need to do is tell our submissive phone sex bitches exactly what you like and they will roleplay for you until their little mouths are totally worn out. With mindsets of total submission their… Continue reading

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Domination Phone Sex

Scared little pussy boys like you should always submit and service your mistress on the domination phone sex line. There is no need to feel totally useless anymore because our Mistresses will have your very best interests at heart. Their need for absolute power, admiration and pleasure from stupid men like you is quite undeniable. This is why our fetish Mistresses power the domination phone sex line, their need for new blood is dangerously high. They will whip, coerce and verbally abuse you until you literally cannot take anymore. Their fetish punishment schedule is the fiercest around and if you think that you can get away with their demanding insults that you are totally incorrect. Talking dirty to… Continue reading

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